Community Building Crash Course

Community Building Crash Course

This workshop is designed for those interested in or in the early stages of community building.

In this 60 min. workshop you'll learn:

  • How to start your community
  • How to create strong onboarding
  • How to increase "engagement"
  • The tools I recommend
  • The common pitfalls people make

​I'll help you create a remarkable, gratifying community experience!

More than 200 students have enrolled!

Photo of Jay Clouse

Hey! I'm Jay Clouse 👋

I'm the guy behind Creative Companion and made the courses you see here. I host Creative Elements, a narrative-interview podcast exploring how your favorite creators make a living with their art and creativity.

I also write the Creative Companion newsletter and previously led the Community Experience team for Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income, designing their paid membership community and cohort-based course programs.

Learn more about me on my:

Website / Twitter / Instagram